Hi, I am Dany (Dmitri) Shubik. I live and work in Israel, since 1992. I have got the professional knowledge and skills at the Kharkov Industrial Arts institute (Ukraine). Since I discovered coming of the digital technologies Epoch (1994), all my products became created by means of the computer. For the creation of illustrations I use program Corel Painter.

I started my career as an illustrator of books, posters and games. After long time of trying different kinds of art I decided to chose the TV advertising as the field, that is most interesting for me. So now for more than decade I am known as an experienced storyboard artist .
In 2000-2003 I have developed the unusual animation technology based on the program Adobe Flash (then it was the program Macromedia Flash), allowing to animate the most complicated graphics and drawings. By means of this technology I started to create short animation films for advertising (animatics). The finished products created using my technology look much more refined and accomplished, than usual two-dimensional animation and, of course, than conventional animatics.
I hope you enjoyed my works. In case you want to write me something, use the following addresses

dany@shubik.com and also :dany67@bezeqint.net